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hoshit son

2010-12-12 05:56:00 by EverCakes

I don't even have anything reasonable to say.

mm coffee

Oh yay 83

2010-05-31 02:31:43 by EverCakes

Me and Hoeloe went to an anime con, and I got hugged many times by smelly geeks :3 <3 it was fuuun

I am not amused

2010-05-22 15:13:45 by EverCakes

I have been offered godly, blessed pizza.
But I am not hungry.

Here, have some.


OKAY SO HAI 8D;; I'm new here, and I'm not that... confused? I dunno. I just used to use this site a lot to listen to my friends music c: I might make some random appearances in the forums, and MAYBE post the occaisonal art that I draw. I'll probably be posting up more coursework than actual fun art ;( MAYBE SOME ZELDA FANART?Who know?

anyway I gotta go ;( <33