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"Still hasn't contributed anything to the site, so here's an advertisement:"

2010-05-20 16:08:54 by EverCakes


OKAY SO HAI 8D;; I'm new here, and I'm not that... confused? I dunno. I just used to use this site a lot to listen to my friends music c: I might make some random appearances in the forums, and MAYBE post the occaisonal art that I draw. I'll probably be posting up more coursework than actual fun art ;( MAYBE SOME ZELDA FANART?Who know?

anyway I gotta go ;( <33


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2010-05-20 16:34:19

NOTICE FOR ALL YOU USERS: Here is a 13 year old who is not a noob.

It had to happen one day.

EverCakes responds:

I'll be a noob to this site, until I fit in 8D


2010-05-20 23:49:31

Your friend said be nice...Welcome to Newgrounds! May not be much, but I hope you like it :D

EverCakes responds:

Ohohoho, I'm starting to like it already! I hope I fit in ;u;;


2010-05-21 17:22:04

Being new and being a noob are totally different!

You're just new. And that's a good thing.

EverCakes responds:

Oh gawd, atleast I'm not like those really noobish noobs. Like, uh, those ones that are like "AOH MAH GAWD!!!11!!!1!!!1!!! WHO LIEKS WAFFLES?!!11!"


2010-05-21 17:23:24 /536659

OH AND WATCH THAT. You're into the Wind Waker at the moment :3

EverCakes responds: